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home bodies


I apologize for the sudden absence but we needed the break.
I will be back Friday but until then, a little peak of us at home.
homebody peonies



I love this trend, all found here.

in a flash


Today has been chaotic so I only had time to quickly share
these images. More here. Have a great Monday!
image credit



Mara HoffmanMara Hoffman
Mara HoffmanMara Hoffman
I could hardly choose less than a dozen pieces to post
from this collection. Who knew geometry could be so wearable?


New pillow cover
recycled note books
Pawling Print Studio has these wonderful little notebooks and
printed textiles. I got thos pillow cover, which is beautiful
by the way, and to my surprise there were also 2 notebooks
included. Perfect for gift giving or keeping to your self, I
did both. I love their totes and aprons, 2 items I use a lot!

a little goes a long way


My husband and I often share our thoughts with each other about interiors.
Both agree that we like lots of neutrals with bits of color. It's a little
hard in our home since we have some features, which we can't change right now,
that are not condusive to this look. What I mean is that we basically moved
into a taupe box and we are slowly changing the color scheme.
A few examples of what I'm talking about, more here.



I thought I'd share a few items I have dog-eared on Etsy.
pants, cord, cups, necklace, table, bowls

book of the week-Little Oink

I didn't get around to this earlier because we were gardening
all morning, I may share pictures later, we'll see.
A sweet little book about a pig who likes to be tidy but his
parents want to teach him to be a real, messy pig. If only
that were the case! There are 2 others in this series, you
may have heard of them, here.



I've had a mini obsession with Ligne Roset's Togo
for a long time. This new design, though, is even
more mouth watering with it's large scale digital
pixel pattern.


Our weekend involved some really good food. Friday was our date night
so we grabbed, one of my favorites, lamb gyros. I think I could eat
these every day. The next day I went to our local market and a good
friend of ours who is an organic farmer gave me some lettuce and fiddle
head ferns. I also picked up some purple carrots to puree for Israel.
Later I made a cold peanut chicken salad with soba noodeles, cilantro
and cucumber-amazing!

pen pen stencil

pen pen stencil
pen pen stencilpen pen stencil
Like wooden toys for adults, I think these would look nice in a
group on my mantle!

7 (1/2) months


7 1/2 months
You're growing up so fast.
Even though the night you were born will go down in history
as one of the best days of my life, it's getting a little hazy.
Sometimes, like in the morning when we lay in bed and you nurse
while staring at me with very sleepy eyes, you seem very much like
a baby still.
Other times, like when you're playing with a new toy and go on to
babble all of the new words you just made up this week, you seem
like you're a little boy.
Either way, I can't get enough of you!
You love to cuddle and kiss and hug. You always get a really big smile
on your face when you see Daddy walk in from work. You laugh and get
excited when I pick you up from a nap. Speaking of those-you
still aren't the best napper and sometimes make me a little crazy
with that but you've been sleeping so much better at night that we're
happy. You laugh at your toys and sing with me in the car. Suddenly
you don't like food too much but I've learned to have cat like reflexes
when it comes to feeding time! You always have your hands all over
everything and want to grab and feel everything you can when we go
grocery shopping. Oh, and you always smile at the clerks when they
talk to you and it makes me real proud! You are perfectly healthy, in every
way and I'm so very thankful. Sometimes you show your preference for me
over your Dad, and secretly I love it!
You're just my favorite little person and I love taking care of you.
Thank you to being you and happy 7 (1/2) months, I love you!

just a little


What a great red swiss cross rug, this would be right
at home in our office, just perfect.
Oh how I love red in very small doses.
image credit

book of the week-ABC's

Book of the week-ABC's

I'm a day late with this so I hope you don't mind.
A little book of classic images by Charley Harper.
We have a 123's version as well, full of such fun and
colorful images. I found both of these at here when I
was still pregnant.

red velvet cookies


These are a favorite in our house because they're quick
and so so good!

1 box red velvet cake mix
1/2 cp butter
8 oz package of cream cheese
1/2 cp powdered sugar

Beat butter and cheese adding powdered cake mix slowly.
Mix until blended.
Form balls and roll in sugar.
Bake at 350 for 8-10 mins.

kill time

Last night Israel and I went shopping so hubby could
have some time to get a few things done. He works full
time, is going to school, has his own Illustration shop
and is dad too-which is saying a lot because he's an enormous
help around here.
I wasn't planning on finding anything but actually scored this
tiny chair for Israel, a pair of high tops and a black and
white stool for our entry. Oh, and the little elephant too,
it kept Israel happy and quiet the whole ride home!

1st mom's day


mother's day 2010mother's day 2010mother's day 2010mother's day 2010
What a wonderful 1st Mother's Day I had yesterday.
Have I mentioned that I have the BEST husband? He
reminds me all the time of why I fell in love with him,
why I married him and why I have a son with him. Over
the years he has only become more the man of my dreams
than the day we took our vows.
He surprised me with pretending to go to work but instead
buying scones, deep purple
tulips, a "Happy Mom's Day" banner that he made and a
handwritten card he made from Israel's scribbles.
Yes, I cried, pretty much instantly!
I love how cheery the tulips make the living room. Makes
me wonder why I don't buy flowers more often?

Lucky Little Dot


This porcelain glove mold is from, you guessed it, Lucky Little Dot.
It's actually bigger in person than I had imagined but that turns out
to be a good thing since it holds almost all of my necklaces and chains.
Check out the shop here! Oh, and did you see this pencil lamp? Nice.


I made these chocolate banana pancakes this morning.
My husband loves pancakes but I was not in the mood
for all that sugary syrup! This is a little less sweet
but just as good, well better in my opinion!



Enough said.
photo credit

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