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Suki Cheema


Suki CheemaSuki CheemaSuki CheemaSuki Cheema
Such great patterns and colors, I could fill my house with
items from his home collection!

little bits of color

Felix De Pass
Felix De Pass
I'm loving these pieces from Felix De Pass. How I love these neutrals
with brightly colored accents!

book of the week-Little blue and little yellow

book of the weekbook of the week-little blue and little yellowbook of the week-little blue and little yellow
This is such a great way to teach kids about color, we love this story.
Israel already bent the corner, oh the wear these books will get!

go ahead, sleep in

Israel has a love hate relationship with sleep. Some nights it feels
like he's a newborn again and some nights he sleeps so well I have to
go in and check if he's still breathing! Either way, I can't get enough.
So for those of you without a wee one like mine, sleep in for me, would ya?

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My husband had Saturday off from work, the first time since our Israel was born.
We went to our local market, the weather was great! We snacked on Dutch stroopwafels, basil tomato pizza and then walked around the local booths.

Frederik Vercuysse


I could live with this black color blocked kitchen and floor, especially
since every other wall is stark white. I can actually see my husband sleeping
on the leather sofa!

the us or them war

Just so happens that where we live, they grow big, and plentiful.
I can see several sleeping on a bush outside the office window.
I just got the chills! I feel itchy just writing this! Anyways,
I went to retrieve my cb2 package from the patio, and opening
the front door ever so slowly, there he was. Just one of many who
dared to creep much too close to the interior of my house.
Being the wimp that I am, yet not being able to stomach the thought
of allowing 1 more arachnid to live, I went for some household spray.
Too bad I grabbed my 7th Gen botanically based all purpose spray,
which only made him smell like Lemongrass and Thyme. Now, that the
hairy beast is thoroughly drenched in overpriced surface cleaner, he
proceeds to crawl slowly along the door frame and onto the wall near
me. Ahh! He's coming after me! Why don't I have any toxic cleaners when
I need them? Of course I could have smashed it with a shoe but that would
require that I get close to this intruder and even run the risk of it
pouncing on me-I KNOW this is possible, regardless of what my husband says!
Ah ha, Febreze was waiting for me in the back of the cupboard and I grabbed
my newly found weapon and marched back to the creepy creep. I doused him
with some of that fabric softener-scented spray and slammed the door.
It was the door that ultimately killed him but I'm pretty sure that his
vision was clouded by all that spray.
I won, but it was an ugly and smelly battle.

DIY-pillow pincushion


DIY-pillow pincushionDIY-pillow pincushionDIY-pillow pincushion
For those of you who are experts at sewing, this is a breeze.
For those who have never sewn before, here's a perfect introduction!

I used two 4"x4" pieces of fabric, printed sides in.
Pin in place.
Stitch 1/2" seam around 3 sides.
Stitch 3/4 of the way across the 4th side, backstitch.
Then turn inside out, using a bone folder, if you have
one, to get the corners.
Stuff with batting.
Slip stitch the open corner.

Easy, right?
If anyone happens to make one/some of these, please email photos!

book of the week-Little 1

Book of the week-Little 1Book of the week-Little 1Book of the week-Little 1Book of the week-Little 1
Everyone in the family loves this book. Originally published in
1962, the illustrations and story are incredibly sweet! Oh, and
Israel just loves all of the colors and shapes. He pats all of the
pages excitedly, it's pretty cute!



pikku main living roompikku nurserypikku white lamp 7pikku varpunen blogspot kitchen
This house tour of Finnish blogger Suki is awe inspiring.

leftovers & I can't help it

almond chicken
I can't believe it's already Monday.
We had an exhausting weekend. Israel was up almost all of
Saturday night and thankfully, my mom saved the day by coming
over at 3 in the am! Thankfully she lives near and is gifted
at getting my son to sleep when neither of us can. She's an
altogether amazing woman!
Since I only slept for the 4 hrs she was here watching Israel,
I was not in the mood to make anything fancy. We had chicken,
we had almonds and we had lettuce. I threw this together on a
whim and was surprised at how well it turned out.
I just pulsed the raw almonds in my bullet, coated the strips
of chicken in egg and then rolled in the finely chopped almonds.
And then I just made a salad. We'll probably be finishing up the
rest today for lunch!
Israel, 6 1/2 mos
The little guy who wears me out, doesn't seem tired at all.
Even when I'm so worn out, he's so worth it.

Hijirik Studio


Hijirik Studio
A great reminder eh? I love this wise poster from Hijirik Studio, such
great wonderfully textured paper. I just need to find the perfect home for it.
No doubt it will be some place where we can see it often and be reminded!

Royal Oak


This product gallery for Royal Oak Floors has some really beautiful
spaces. If you look through the gallery you'll see wooden paneled walls
and ceilings, exactly what I dream of someday. Find more here.

book of the week-Hansel and Gretel

Book of the weekBook of the weekBook of the week
Originally I purchased this for my husband who likes Jen Corace
and always appreciates good illustration. He's the kind of person
that can't wait to see new animated movies, critiques signs and
logos wherever we go, gets excited over well designed websites and
loves children's books almost more than our son.
The pictures are too busy and detailed for Israel right now but I'm
sure he'll come to love this classic too, once he gets older.



new box
This arrived yesterday. I love the herringbone pattern and had the hardest time
choosing a color, I could have easily chosen the red or white since I love
primary colors and neutrals but I decided to go against my instincts a bit
and pick blue and I'm glad I did. You can find more shapes and patterns here.

goose egg


Israel, 6 months
Here's Israel right before he gave himself his first
goose egg. Of course I was laying right next to him the
whole time because hello, that is a metal spoon, but it only
took a moment, as accidents often do. He cried and I soothed.
Within just a few minutes, and some nursing, he was playing
and happy and oblivious to the little bump now on his forehead.
One of many little accidents I suppose. He is a boy after
and they seem to come out of the womb happy to hit, smack,
bang, and slap anything and everything.
Yes, he is all boy, and that's just how I like him.

(notice how his hair blends in with the fur rug?)

Serena Mitnik Miller


serena mitnik miller
I found this artist over the weekend and I'm really enjoying all of
the beautiful colors she uses together. Her watercolors are gorgeous
as well! This really makes me want to paint some wooden blocks.
More on my Flickr.

what are you eating?


What are you eating?
Laura from Orange Beautiful with chocolate cheerios, kiwi and cadbury eggs with a demitasse spoon.
What are you eating?
what are you eating?
Cathie with pineapple fried rice from Ampersandity
What are you eating?
Jessica with sushi from Kohler Created
what are you eating?
Jamie from Natural Salvage with Ramp pizza
What are you eating?
My dear friend Naphtali from Say La Vie with Bib salad
what are you eating?
Nina Fitzwilson with whole wheat, sundried cranberry and ginger scones.
Thank you for sending in so many entries! I will continue to post these
for as long I receive new ones in my inbox. :)
Everything looks amazing, yet again, and I can't tell you enough just
how impressed I am. Makes me think I've really got to step it up in
the kitchen!



I'm sort of wishing I could pack my bags and move in here.
Sure the current tenants would not appreciate that though!

be still


new pillows
I love my new pillows from be still. Actually they're not that new now,
I think I've had them for over a month but whatever, I LOVE them! Sometimes
the light filters in the living room and reflects off of the silver pieces
and I just want to stare, they're so very pretty. Anyways, there's a lot
more here so be sure to check it out!

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