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6 months


Israel, 6 months
Six months ago today you were born. I was in labor for about 20 hours
before you finally came out to meet us. I remember that day so well.
I woke at 3 am with the smallest contractions but I paid no attention
because I was 16 days past my due date and I had been through this before.
As the morning progressed, so did the contractions.
At about 10:30 that morning I called our Doula. She wanted us to check back
with her in a couple hours to let her know how I was doing. Your dad and I
went for a walk, stopping so I could breath through "another one." We went to
the store and I tried very hard to act like I wasn't in labor as we bought
a sports bra for the labor. I baked banana bread, to keep my mind busy but
not tire myself, plus it filled the house with a wonderfully familiar aroma.
Our doula arrived around 3:30, just in time to watch my contractions go from
5-4 mins apart to 2-3 mins apart. Within an hour we were in the car and on
our way to the birthing center.
I was so excited. After two and a half weeks of thinking you could come at
any moment, I was so happy the time had finally come! Your daddy was so
perfect, calm and encouraging. I don't want to get into all of the little
details of the real labor but let's just say that a little over 5 hours at
the birthing center, and 40 mins of pushing with all my might, you arrived
8 lbs 2 oz and 22" long. Long and thin you were, with the biggest feet!
I remember that moment of swooping your naked little body up in my arms
and holding you to my neck. It was a feeling full of so much adrenaline
and relief at the same time! I finally got to look at the tiny person who
had been moving and kicking around in me for the past 9 months. You were
perfection, bald perfection! I can remember laying next to you, now clothed
and swaddled, memorizing your every shape. Smelling your head over and over
again. Rubbing your little back as I listened to you breath. Smelling your
sweet breath.
And here we are now, 6 whole months later. Once the tiny, helpless little
person now wants to sit on his own, and turn the pages of books when we read.
You get upset when I take anything from you but smile every time daddy walks
in the door from work. You laugh a lot, smile a lot, roll a lot and sleep little.
You watch everything we do, reach out to pet Fiona when she walks by. You
hold my hand and play with my fingers, eyes shut, while you nurse. The cutest
in the morning, you babble on and on and smile the second I lean over the crib.
You hold your arms out when you want me to pick you up and help me dress you.
You've changed our lives in so many ways. You've made us much more patient,
loving, playful, messy, carefree, appreciative people and we thank you for that.
Israel, on this 6 month anniversary of the day we met you, know that we love
you more than anything else and excitedly look forward to many more anniversaries
with you!

more wood + I'll be back


I've been a little preoccupied this week and haven't been a great
blogger. I will be back next week with something much more exciting!
Until then, here is part of the Mjolk showroom-an all wood interior
much like last Friday's post but beautiful nonetheless.
Have a great weekend!

merry happy


Most of the time, you look like this. You're such a happy, curious
boy who loves to roll off blankets and out of rooms. I can hear
you shaking your rattle violently from across the house as you hit
the ground or your other toys with it.
You love to rock back and forth excitedly when I try to feed you your pears.
Not to mention you love to spray said food all over me as I try to get it INTO
your mouth! Even if I'm across the room, you stare and make noises to get my attention
and as soon as I look over you send me this huge grin and all is right in the world.
You are a perfect little blend of your daddy and me and you've made us the happiest
people. I lived in black and white before you were born, now I live in color.
I love you!



ranunculus from my husband
Husband bought these Ranunculus for me yesterday and I was gushing almost
uncontrollably! I went on and on about how beautiful they were
and couldn't stop glancing over at the coffee table. I wish they'd last

baby's chef


wake up to Pears
Now that Israel is eating solid foods regularly, my that was quick, I'm
making his food and freezing it. I've looked all over at different storage
containers but I can't nail anything down. I recently read about the dangers
of freezing plastics so I'm trying to use glass containers.
Any moms out there have suggestions?
I'm thinking of just reusing the glass jars from his first foods but if there
is something better out there, please, let me know!

wood wood


House KHouse KHouse K
Found this house last night while right after I had put Israel to
sleep for the 3rd time. What an amazing house! I don't know if I could
live with so much of the same walls, floors and ceiling but I think the
concept would be wonderful for maybe just one or two rooms. More here.

book of the week-Miffy puzzleboard


book of the weekbook of the week
This just arrived this morning. Of course you all know by now what Miffy
fans we are here so this comes as no surprise I'm sure. Each page comes with
a little removable character that can interact with the scene on the page.
Israel gets so excited to hold each new shape and we love the consistent
color palette in all the Miffy books!

the sun came out


Paul Barbera
It's a very sunny day and I can tell Spring is not far off. I've missed
loads of warm sun beams streaming through open windows, kind of like

right now


black wallsblack walls
If I could, I would paint at least 1 wall black today!
More here.

toy maker


toy housetoy house
I've been wanting to finish some projects I started while I was
pregnant and today I got one checked off my list. I try to buy
wooden toys for Israel, whenever possible because I'd rather him
sucking on that than some foreign made plastic object. I also try
to sew little grasping objects and rattles for him since I can wash
the fabric and contents. I put this little house pillow together
for him today. He likes to grab it with his hands and feet.
See more of the process here!

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