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5 months


5 months
5 months, already?! Yes, and he's not slowing down.
Israel loves his little high chair, even though he's not
eating solid foods yet and needs a blanket to help prop
him up. He loves banging almost anything violently against
the tray. What a boy!

string furniture


How stunning are these catalog rooms? From a company that designs
these shelving units, the shelves are great but the spaces are
just as fun. Check out more examples here and here.

4 months


Four months have gone by so quickly.
Israel laughs by himself, helps me when I get him dressed, rolls onto his stomach, says
"Ma" and "Pa" even though he doesn't know what he's saying, recognizes his grandparents, is
mesmerized by anything that lights up and loves to give really big smiles!
I can't remember my life without him.

scenes from the weekend


Israel  4 mos 1 week
I hope you all enjoyed your weekends. Here's a bit of ours.
We bought Israel a new toy, I enjoy buying things for him way more than me!
I sequined vintage sweater I found at a thrift store with the tags still on.
A little update on Israel, he's starting to get some hair, yay!
Remnant of a little project and my new Lotta Jansdotter tote.

snowed in Stockholm

snowed insnowed in
Those Swedes! How do they have so much style?
These actually make me wish for snow.

from here



I can't get enough of these wonderful wedged heels!
I think it has something to do with being a new mom and wanting to be current but not totally sacrifice comfort.
Which are your favorites?

from Need Supply Co, Nasty Gal & UO.

he's got skills


he's got skills
Sorry for the fuzzy pictures, again, but I had to try to snap a couple photos of our young man rolling off his sheepskin.
You can see in the first image that he's happily gnawing on my finger but what you can't see is that he's got both legs in the air and he's swinging them to get himself moving. That's how it all begins. Then it's face first onto the rug where he looks so tiny and helpless.
Just when I think he needs me to rescue him, he pops his little head up to take a look around at his new view of the living room. I'm impressed-I'm mom!



copper pendantblack & white diningtulip table and chairs
Happy Monday everyone!
I had an exhausting weekend so I feel like today should be Saturday. Hopefully this week turns
out to be more relaxing than I think it will be. I'm ordering a few new furniture pieces as well as a high chair for Israel-it's almost time for solid foods!
I'm wishing my dining room looked as pulled together and inviting as some of these.

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