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String is up


dining room
I didn't plan on putting the new Pocket String up until next month but I couldn't wait.
I put it in the corner of the living room to hold my pottery since it had been put away
to make room for Christmas. Originally I planned to buy another Pocket and hang the
two pieces next to each other in the dining room to hold cookbooks, place mats and
napkins. We received a canvas print of a photo I took a few weeks ago and I sort of like
it in the dining room now. I'm trying to decide if I should leave things as is or
continue with my plan of the two Pocket shelves in the dining room and find another spot
for our canvas photo.

The last of the gingerbread is getting cooked up today and out of the house!


  1. I'm now obsessed with those ginger bread buttons! How cute!

  2. i love vintage pottery. i have been known to see it in a antique shops window & do a u-turn & go your collection!

  3. Those buttons and puzzle pieces are my favorite image!

    Do you have a favourite gingerbread recipe?

  4. Looks great ! Button gingerbreads are super cute. The plate, is it Esteri Tomula´s ? Looks quite familiar to me.

  5. Those gingerbread buttons are too cute to handle-but not too cute to eat!

  6. those gingerbread cookies are the best! love them!

  7. UGH. I want a string....for the bathroom. Sexy right?

    Looks awesome!

  8. Wow, your WGP collection is awesome, and it looks even awesomer (is that even a word ?) on the String !


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