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a small feast


Husband started his holiday hours which means sleeping late into the afternoon, almost
up in time to make dinner his breakfast. Not wanting to go out, I made a small grazing
dinner for the men. We had soup, bread, Gruyere and smoked Gouda with fruits and
Italian pizzelles. I made some caramel to put between the cookies and it turned out
really good. My husband had never tried pomegranates before and liked the arils more
than I expected. For those of you who have never had Gruyere, go right now and get
some. It's our current favorite!

Both of the guys are sound asleep now and I'm wide awake, as is the usual scenario.
Don't feel bad though, I'm enjoying the quiet.


  1. My love for gruyere started the day I visited the village of Gruyères in Switzerland, and brought some locally produced cheese with me home... wow, I've never had anything like it!!!

  2. Mmmmmm that pom looks so yummy! Great spread you laid out...want to eat it all. Plus, the colors are so pretty and seasonal.


  3. I love my quiet time when everyone else is sleeping!

    Gruyere is the best. I make grilled cheese with it and dip it in strawberry jam. It's so, so good!

  4. gruyere rocks. so does your blog.


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