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ready for Christmas


It's become tradition for us to bring out the Christmas decorations the day after
Thanksgiving. We hang lights and garland while music plays in the background and we
drink our weight in eggnog and even pack up some of our normal things to make room
for the holiday stuff. Then, about a week into December we go pick out
and tree and lug it home.
This year though, we decided to save money on a large tree and bought this small
Norfolk living tree, which should last us much longer than a normal pine anyway.
It's only big enough to hold a few ornaments but we made sure to hang two of
Israel's, one from last year and little a wool mouse that we found this morning.
These spice cookies got us in a festive mood, they were amazingly light and airy,
like a French macaroon but with spice cake and chocolate bottoms.
The house feels so warm and happy now, I think I'm almost done. In a couple more
weeks, I'll start some baking, and that's where it gets dangerous!


  1. Great Photographs!Outstanding pieces!Holidays are coming...happy holidays!

  2. Everything looks great. Merry Christmas!, Feliz Navidad! : )

  3. Your decorations look amazing! Well done. I started a little early this year - two days before Thanksgiving. Couldn't help myself, hehe.

    Gonna have to go pick myself up some egg nog.

  4. Simple and chic! Love it!

  5. I love your little tree and how cute is that octopus ornament?

  6. hello!
    ...little time to blog....these pics are cute even if christmas makes me sad

  7. The felt mouse is adorable. Did you make it?

  8. I have even thought about it yet! I am glad that someone is organised :)

    Stephie x

  9. i spy a cb2 elf!! i better go get mine out of storage!
    love your christmas decor!

  10. Your decorations look fantastic and are getting me in the mood. We won't out our tree up for a few more weeks so I'm busy gathering ideas and inspiration!

  11. Take good care of your Norfolk Pine. My best friend has had hers for more than 10 years and it's still growing strong!


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