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Last night we celebrated my husband's birthday with a few friends. I had a
panini bar and pulled out all of my black and white serving dishes. There
was really no theme, he is an adult after all, but I kept the decor real
basic so that the color was contributed by all of the food, except for the
black and white farfalle, which made a really yummy pasta salad!
The German pottery saw some foliage, as did our office desk. I picked up a
bundle of fresh flowers at our farmer's market and just two days later, one
of those roses dropped nearly all of its petals. I am seriously considering
just leaving them there, they are so pretty.
My new mini chair came in today, I'm thinking of collecting a few. This one
is actually sturdy enough for Israel to play with, a good way to teach him
about design maybe?

contemporary coffee tables


  1. What a great striped pasta! Never seen this before. Are they tasty?

  2. totally loving the striped pasta! and your mini pantone is to die for. I wish the vitra minis weren't so expensive!!!

  3. That striped bowtie pasta is to-die-for! what brand is it?

  4. I LOVE the jail house rock pasta! so pretty. xo

  5. that striped pasta is amazing. i've never seen anything like it. oh, the possibilities!

  6. I'm curious about the pasta, too! Very unique!

  7. Looks nice. Simple is good! I love that kind of flowers!

  8. Looks really nice and those vintage vases are gorgeous !!

  9. LOVE the black and white bow-tie pasta!!! How cool!

  10. I didn't know you could get black and white pasta! Very chic!

  11. looks like a lovely weekend! happy birthday to your hubby.

    i'm dying over that german pottery. gorgeous!

  12. This is sooo sweet! My husband's birthday is coming up in December so I love these ideas! That bow tie pasta is too cute to eat! :)

  13. Happy belated birthday to your husband!! Perfectly fun pasta! (I am so curious if it stayed so beautiful even once cooked?) That chair is adorable!

  14. I found the pasta here:


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