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for me and you


Something green for me and Israel. I needed some new polish, rather I need my nails
done. Israel needed these flash cards to learn more Spanish and English words. These
will come in handy when talking to his mommy's mom. He's pretty excited about them.


  1. where is that from. I love the colour. We don´t have much baby toys...only legos and metallic robots. these would be nice christmas present to our littele boy and to his cousins.

  2. Que mono!! I love that minty nail polish as well :)

  3. yeah bilingual child! i learned both spanish and english at the same time and now my native tongue is splanglish and it is the best!

  4. Lovely color, your baby is so cute, and very nice idea about learning spanish, so one day he can say te amo abuelita ( love you grandma ) : ) .

  5. looks like we have one more thing in common...that nail polish!!! same brand and all! haha i bought it a couple weeks ago and it's sitting on my desk..still haven't used it though!!!

  6. Thanks for featuring Mudpuppy's Ring Flash Cards! (I didn't design these, but I'm the current designer there). If anyone is interested, they are available at our retail website:

    We also have a French-English set for any Francophiles out there! xo, Emily


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