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help! bedroom update


You remember this post, right? I wanted to bring you current on what it looks like now. The
most popular advice was to add yellow, mustardy yellow. I think that's great
advice and so fitting with the blue hues I had in there but I decided to go
my own way, sorry!
It's really important for me to feel that this room is simple and tranquil,
I spend so much time in here with Israel, getting dressed, folding laundry
not to mention sleeping. Ideally, I want our room to be low maintenance and
simple but not look unfinished. Well, that's the goal anyway.
I removed our headboard, and while my husband had a really hard time supporting
the idea at first, he and I love it so much more now! I also added some black
and gray-ish pillow cases, which were just sitting in my closet unused. I also
changed the butterfly chair cover to black and removed the huge, admittedly ugly,
mirror that used to be above our dresser and replaced it with a small painting.
I also moved my Mother's Day gift from Israel to my bedside, it's his hand print!
A few minor changes but I'm much happier with it. I know that our bed frame needs
repainting, if not replaced altogether and we are really in need of some sort of
graphic rug, maybe on husband's side of the bed? Oh, I almost forgot, I also found
this cute little footstool for $2 at a roadside sale, and did a sloppy recovering
job. I think I'd like to later recover it in some sort of wool, we'll see.
I also want to repaint the front of the dresser, that strange funky floral thing
is really bothering me now and I'm wondering if it would be too big of a task to
try to restore it to the original stain?! I'm looking for some sort of pendant lamp
to hang above the butterfly chair too, any ideas there? do you all feel about a little red, with an itty bit of yellow? You did
see I added the yellow Craspedia, right?
Yes, I know the photos are terrible but I'm getting a new camera soon so just bare
with a little longer!


  1. I love the littele things you did with the room. Funny you call it butterfly chair in there. Here in Finland it´s a bat chair:)

  2. still wondering about the bedside lamps? do tell!

  3. Such a beautiful, peaceful room. Perfect for a bedroom :) Love the chest of drawers xx

  4. looks great!! so tranquil and airy!

  5. I just recently sanded and restained my dresser. It was definitely a dirty job, but in the end it was so worth it. Also, I love the IKEA Knappa pendant lamp. :] I think red would look good in there!

  6. that headboard was hideous. I still think the room is drab and could use some color. more yellow would have been perfect.

  7. Looks very nice and calm.

  8. I think the room looks great. I'm having the same problem with my bedroom it feels unfinished. I think these beds from ikea may work for your room??

  9. so calm and neutral. i think it looks great as is. love you blog! :)

  10. I have to say I've always loved that headboard whenever I saw it in your pics-it's one of a kind which makes the room that much more desirable i.m.o.
    I wasn't feeling adding yellow either-mostly because it's-to me-such an overplayed color pairing. But I did like the idea of adding green! Maybe work w that some more? You always do great things though so I can't wait to see what ya do! xo

  11. this bedroom is so amazing, love how neutral the colours are and how organized this looks! as you may have noticed, i always want organized things... and yet my tiny apartment looks most of the time, quite a disorganized place! $2 for that stool?? oh my, i wish for those things here! have a great week! twiggs


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