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1 year


This morning I was wide awake at 5:30 am. This was not intentional, believe me.
Maybe somewhere in my mind I was too restless to sleep, thinking about this exact
moment in time, exactly 365 days ago. I predicted the very feelings I have right
now, part sadness and longing to go back and experience all of the excitement and
newness of that day. I'd love to go back and savor every moment, to pay careful
attention to details, to smells and sounds. I'd like to go back and take mental, or
actual, snapshots of moments that happened so quickly it's hard now to remember
At the very same time, I feel joy. Joy because I have this sweet, healthy little
boy all to myself today. He's going to wake up babbling and laugh the moment I open
the door to get him. I'm happy because right now I can savor moments and remember the
tiniest, minute details of being 1 year old and I can take mental, and actual,
snapshots of fleeting moments. I'm happy because this innocent child is completely
unaware of the gift he is and that by making me his mom, he's has made me immensely
I could go on and on about our love for you but I would run out of words.
Happy Birthday Israel!


  1. Happy Birthday Israel!!! We just love you so much! :) I can't believe our babies are getting so big. It is so fun to watch them grow. :) Love you guys!

  2. Happy Birthday Israel! Grand Ma and Grandpa Hagler love you so very much. Your a walking little miricle.

  3. Happy Birthday Israel!, Felíz Cumpleaños!,have a happy birthday, lots of fun, presents and cake : ), God bless you.

  4. Happy Birthday Israel! What a special day!

  5. Happy birthday Israel! Hope you all have a great day!

  6. He's so cute! My baby turns 2 next month. It's so bittersweet because she's truly not a baby anymore. :[ Happy birthday Israel!

  7. Happy Birthday to such a special boy...hard to remember life before you came to your mama and daddy! You are loved little Israel!

  8. Happy Birthday Israel!!!! We love you!

  9. oh my gosh, that second one is SUCH a great pic! very cute! congrats!

  10. You've echoed my sentiments exactly on my daughter's first birthday. How time flies!

    Happy Birthday Isreal!

  11. Wow, beautifully said Jenn - those feelings won't change as the years go by - the awe will hit you at random moments when you realize what a beautiful person your son has become. We have a little gift for Israel - I'll give it to your mom when we hook up - i need to give her the jewelry she ordered.

  12. I remember reading your post about Israel's arrival and caanot believe that a year has already passed! I need to cherish my time with my baby girl.

  13. i honestly got the urge to cry. you put it so sweetly.


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