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Lovely Tape + DIY necklace


rainy day

It's a very rainy day here and the baby is sleeping, great time for a DIY! This is
so simple and quick but fun as well. Just choose some string or yarn, in this case,
and wrap a small piece of tape around and fold onto itself. Then just snip the edges
to make whatever shape you want. The masking tape I used is from Lovely Tape and the
floral print is a fabric tape. Find lots more here!


  1. the talent in your pinky is more than most of us get in a life time :) love it, so cute, feminine, just darling.

  2. That's stinkin' adorable - what a great idea - love Happy Tape (local girl), too! Thanks for a great idea - may have to use this for our next weekend Dew Drop Inn craft day.

  3. so cute! and i love your flats in the first photo..

  4. First I LOVE THOSE SHOES and second I LOVE WASHI TAPE! I am actually hosting a giveaway for 4 sets next week...

  5. Thanks for sharing. Over the weekend I was thinking how I could recreate a paperclip and contact paper necklace my Great Aunt made in the 60's. I think this tape could replace the contact paper. Thank you so much. Our girl scouts will love to do this!

  6. Hi Jennifer ! Thank you for the link on my e-shop Lovely Tape !

  7. I love this! Can't wait to check out the tape. Love your nursery in La Petite & on Simply Grove!

  8. Super cute! I like the patterns on your tape collection :)

  9. love the tape so pretty! The floral fabric tape is delightful! xo


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