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Here is what I mentioned last week, a little project that needs some assistance from
you guys. This is our bedroom, feeling a little exposed to say the least!

As you can see, it's pretty straightforward. We've got the bed & frame with wall
mounted lamps and shelves for our bedside tables. On the opposite wall, a dresser
with mirror, some pottery and the butterfly chair next to that.
I have a pretty strict color palette-a muted navy with whites and browns. Our bed
takes up the majority of the space, though there is room for another credenza/
dresser if we put our dresser in the corner nook (where the chair is). I also
wouldn't mind a bench or low seating at the end of our bed, there's room for that.

You can see that there's no art in the room, something I'd like to change. It also lacks a rug and interesting curtains-the curtains are just white, I'll have to take more photos and add them later, just after putting some wonderful curtains in the room. There are also no plants or bedside accessories, which I think I'm actually ok with because a cluttered table would stress me out!

Keep in mind that the bedding & frame, lighting, tables and chair are staying put!
I'm just needing a few extras to pull it together. Maybe some red or yellow?
Ok, here's your chance to share your thoughts. Go ahead, comment or email me
and if you have any great finds, say a cheap Kilim rug, feel free to link it up!

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