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Here is what I mentioned last week, a little project that needs some assistance from
you guys. This is our bedroom, feeling a little exposed to say the least!

As you can see, it's pretty straightforward. We've got the bed & frame with wall
mounted lamps and shelves for our bedside tables. On the opposite wall, a dresser
with mirror, some pottery and the butterfly chair next to that.
I have a pretty strict color palette-a muted navy with whites and browns. Our bed
takes up the majority of the space, though there is room for another credenza/
dresser if we put our dresser in the corner nook (where the chair is). I also
wouldn't mind a bench or low seating at the end of our bed, there's room for that.

You can see that there's no art in the room, something I'd like to change. It also lacks a rug and interesting curtains-the curtains are just white, I'll have to take more photos and add them later, just after putting some wonderful curtains in the room. There are also no plants or bedside accessories, which I think I'm actually ok with because a cluttered table would stress me out!

Keep in mind that the bedding & frame, lighting, tables and chair are staying put!
I'm just needing a few extras to pull it together. Maybe some red or yellow?
Ok, here's your chance to share your thoughts. Go ahead, comment or email me
and if you have any great finds, say a cheap Kilim rug, feel free to link it up!


  1. i love your wall-mounted bedside tables! where are they from??

    if i were you, i would stick with the purple and grey you already have going on in the room...just build on it. i love a deep yellow as an accent color with grey and purple. i would also think about some cool graphic prints and photos--blanca gomez, littlebrownpen. on etsy, "TheSalvagedTeaParty" has cool upcycled plates. also, amye123 on etsy, has beautiful, boldly colored frames that could quickly brighten things up for you. i like this metal drawer for jewelry...

    have fun!

  2. wow, what is on that dresser?? paint? decal?
    I have the same dresser and want to change it up a bit.

  3. The dresser is awesome! I'd love to help add some art to your walls :)
    Check it out

  4. you have a lovely bedroom. looks so peaceful. if i was going to throw another color in there i would definitely say yellow over red. what about orange?
    also, what about a bigger chair in that corner? something with a cool pattern? anthropologie always amazing ones. they are just so expensive!

  5. Some yellow will make a HUGE change... and artwork, maybe a nice big painting on the sidewall?

    I love this room already!

  6. I really love it, great potential here! I am a color girl, love bright pops, I'm also thinking some olive green perhaps? Or aubergine? Well, I just found you and will definitely be following, so I look forward to seeing what you do with it!

  7. If it were me, I would paint your walls a deep navy. If you can't imagine all the walls dark then just paint the wall behind the bed. While you're painting, paint out the white brackets that support your fabulous side tables. Then find some throw pillows that have both navy blue and another accent colour in them: yellow, red, magenta, turquoise, green (could be anything!) and use this as your accent colour throughout. Add some taller accessories in your accent colour to your bedside tables to balance out the headboard. Finally add some art to your walls and your done!
    Hope that wan't too much advice!

  8. the room looks great, and i'm going to agree with the first comment suggesting mustard yellow if you've got your heart set on more color. so fun. love the dresser.

  9. I like the idea of something yellow, a poster or few pillows maybe.

  10. I love your palette as it is, but I also love Minna's idea of adding some yellow. I was wondering on that long wall parallel with the bed, perhaps a shelf that matches your beside table shelves. Instead of a painting or poster, the shelf could continue the long horizontal lines you have going on, and you could fill it with something you collect, like if you happen to have a kick-butt pottery collection around or something.


  11. What are those wall mounted lamps, I love them!


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