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I feel like I spent most of yesterday organizing and picking up. Of course this is an
every day thing with a baby who wants to explore everything within his reach. For
as old as it gets, I never tire of the feeling of a clean and tidy house. I tackled
the office, and now am off to the kitchen cupboards which need some love, wish me luck!


  1. Oh, I love tidy home. Mine is chaos right now.

  2. I've been going into a Fall cleaning sort of mode lately too. Nothing feels better than letting fresh fall air into a clean home.

  3. I agree - the feeling of a clean home is the best. This is such a lovely glimpse into your home. I have the same coffee table as you!

  4. Lovely room and when my home is clean and organized I feel much, much better and happy.

  5. it looks great friend...and i'm with you,nothing makes me happier than a tidy house!

  6. Good luck! and I love how it looks!

  7. You have a lovely home! Where did you get those little white shelves in the corner of the pic? I love those!

  8. i love your studio! do you have more photos of it somewhere? hm.. now i am craving a clean, well-organized home.

  9. it looks awesome. Do you make housecalls?

  10. looks beautiful, completely makes me want to go and stay awhile..great feel. ya i agree, do u make house calls?

  11. I love your decorating style, it's very calming to me - perhaps because I like to decorate the same with white, black, grey and pops of colour. I particularly like the way you've used the IKEA pots for pens and things.. I hope you don't mind but I have filed this picture away as inspiration for when I finally get around to fixing up my study area.


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