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Yesterday I spent the day painting these wine crates for Israel's room.
They turned out nice but I'm not sure if I like the styling. I feel
obligated to fill the spaces with larger items but most of those are
already housed across the room on his other shelf. At least they were free!


  1. i think it looks fantastic!

  2. I love love love those little treasure boxes! You did an awesome job.

  3. I agree, I think they look really good. Maybe you can fill the inside wall with some funky wallpaper or even wrapping paper if the boxes feel empty to you. Otherwise, great job on re-using old objects into something new and unexpected! Your lovely blog is on my daily reads ;)

  4. so cute! i love how you have his toys all neatly organized. so happy to look at!

  5. i think they look great! israel is so lucky to have such cool toys/books!!

  6. They look great! I bet they do even if they're empty or just have one little bitty thing living within its sweet white walls. :)

  7. those look great jenn!!

  8. That drum! Seeing this reminded that I have the exact one (was my daughters)....My husband just fetched it from the attic and Bertie has been bashing it all morning! How could I forget about it with all its triangles?! I like the wall mounted boxes. He has some cool stuff.

  9. Awesome, awesome job! They look amazing.

  10. I have that puzzle for my son and would never think to put it in a frame. These are fantastic images!


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