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I bought the fabric from the clearance bin at the fabric, it's pretty
different than a lot of the fabric in the house but I was thinking of
making it into a rug for our bedroom but ended up stretching around a
large canvas and hung it next to the bed.
Poketo's line at Target is cute and I picked up a luggage tag for Israel's
bag. I may go back and grab a little makeup bag for me too.
I made these shelves a month ago. They didn't turn out like I had originally
intended but I like that I have a place to display a few things in our pseudo
We call this bread quesadilla in Guatemala. I know you are all familiar with
the cheese and tortilla version of the word but to us, this is the name of the
most delicious pound cake/coffee cake you'll ever have. It's made from a cheese
my mom's uncle makes and sends to us. My mom gave us some this afternoon and all
3 of us inhaled it likes pigs.
You can buy some of this deliciousness here-request quesadilla!
The cutest little mushroom from the ever talented Susanna Vento. Israel thought
it was very charming as he laughed when I first gave it to him. Pretty cute huh?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love your finds and purchases and... OH MY! I love quesadillas! I actually saw that photo on your flickr and I was already drooling...
    Happy weekend!

  2. I LOVE the fabric find! And I'm so curious about this quesadilla. I'm going to go peruse the internet for a recipe.

  3. I like the shelves, they turned out great.
    ps. At first glance I thought the mushroom was a hammer!

  4. Great fabric,and great pound cake!,son deliciosos!


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