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I haven't posted anything food related in quite a while and I was thinking I
should get back to it so here's a little from the weekend. We had fish tacos
with quinoa (where's the green, right?) and chocolate cake I made from scratch.
The fish tacos was simply throwing together what was already in the fridge and
the cake I had to make after seeing the recipe on tv. This a a mayonnaise cake, which
I had never made before but it was actually really good, with a caramel frosting. Yum, yum.
Somewhere along the way, we stopped using place mats, another thing I need to go back to.


  1. It all looks so yummy! How did you prepare the quinoa? I see some potato, I think. I want to incorporate it into my diet but do best with easy recipes.

  2. Hi Jennifer!
    I just prepped the quinoa like the label recommends and added half a bouillon, a table spoon of salsa and slice some red potatoes on top and let steam until cooked. It's a lot like rice.
    Good luck!

  3. Fish tacos? I'm IN!
    Happy week!

  4. Looks delish! Always nice when a new recipe turns out well :)

  5. How funny Jenn!!! We just had fish tacos a couple of nights ago....and I planned on posting the recipe on my Friday post!! Even from half way across the country, I'm feeling close to you. :) Love and miss you, girl!


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