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new chair
This past week I did some serious post spring cleaning.
We ended up having a yard sale and donating the rest
of our junk to a thrift store. It feels so good to be
rid of all that excess stuff. In an almost counterproductive
act, I bought a chair for our bedroom. It doesn't take up
nearly the space that all of the other odds and ends took
up, and it's also much more functional.
For all you design lovers out there, this is obviously not
a Hardoy, it is indeed a knockoff. At much less
than $100 though, I don't mind a bit!

Check back tomorrow for a really exciting GIVEAWAY


  1. it's so perfect! i love getting these snapshots of your beautiful home :) so inspiring.

  2. I really need to sift through some junk. Such a great feeling to get rid of some of the clutter! But then it never fails, we just buy more clutter! :)

    Love the new chair!

  3. purging is wonderful! the chair is fab whatever the brand.

  4. where is the chair from? i have been wanting two for outside


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