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8 1/2 mos
8 1/2 mos
Yesterday we spent some quality time together since my husband worked.
That sounds like a funny thing to say because we're always together.
We just seemed to have especially more fun doing ordinary things than
other days. We built funny shapes with blocks, danced to some MJ and later
to Gloria(representing our Latin roots!), went for a long walk (one
of us slept the whole time though and I'm pretty sure you can figure out
which one) and had a really nice dinner. To most people that doesn't sound
like much fun but to us it's so much more. Every day we get to know each other
better and build a love stronger and deeper than the day before, I can't think
of anything else I'd rather do!


  1. aw, so glad you two had a great day :) i think it's so cute that he has that little green block in his shirt pocket (btw, oscar has that same shirt but in brown & white!)

  2. aww this is so sweet.. I secretly love the days with my little one that are completely ordinary. It's so nice to have a little bff. :]

  3. Jennifer, I love these days too! He is getting so big! What a cutie!

  4. he is so cute! building stuff was a weekend activity here too.

  5. how sweet. that is the best toy ever. love the shapes and colors. cheers to good qt!

  6. aww... i love him! Such a handsome young man:) hes getting so big!

  7. i have to tell you, yesterday i noticed that great pillow behind Israel and with my little girl just learning to sit, i quickly whipped up a pillow like it last night. Thank you!!

    Loving your style!!


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