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pen pen stencil


pen pen stencil
pen pen stencilpen pen stencil
Like wooden toys for adults, I think these would look nice in a
group on my mantle!


  1. You have a great blog - love it, found you via sweet sweet life.
    I think you'll probably like Chrissie Macdonald's "Ladies & Gentleman" wooden toys/objects too - I blogged them a week or so ago;

    We also have the same taste in kids books, and I think you'll like this site - glad to have found you :)

  2. love the colors and variety of shapes - almost like contemporary African art.

  3. Quite interesting. I know these would never work in my house, but I can totally see them on your mantel!

  4. These are too fun - I think they would look amazing in a grouping on a mantel!

  5. These wooden toys are so presh! They sort of remind me of the characters from the game Katamari.


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