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New pillow cover
recycled note books
Pawling Print Studio has these wonderful little notebooks and
printed textiles. I got thos pillow cover, which is beautiful
by the way, and to my surprise there were also 2 notebooks
included. Perfect for gift giving or keeping to your self, I
did both. I love their totes and aprons, 2 items I use a lot!


  1. wow, free gifts are great.
    I also like to keep little gifts around the house so I don't have to run out last minute.
    a notebook is just as lovely as a bottle of wine or flowers.

  2. love pawling. we have to reupholster our couch, and am picking a fabric that will accomodate those wonderful pillows. love your blog, by the way. a lot.

  3. LOVE pawling! thanks for sharing...
    also, i am obsessed with your new banner + buttons.
    some serious inspiring eye candy!
    have a good weekend! :)

  4. great find. thanks for sharing! i love their vegetable totes.

  5. i love the typography.


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