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book of the week-600 Black Spots


book of the week-600 Black Spots

book of the week-600 Black Spots
Another amusing and interesting book, designed for children of
all ages-I guess that includes me too?! Israel loves how interactive
each page is, an instant classic here at the house. I was tipped off about
this book from Suki, thank you!


  1. love the second photo in particular. how very interesting and so good for kids to see something really creative.

  2. Oh the wonders of being a kid (and an adult)! This is delightful!!

  3. We also HAD this book, my boys were so curious about how it worked they ripped and tugged at all the parts. Till it wus dubbed the book of 600 ripped pages. haha.

  4. It's a lovely book! Thanks =)


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