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7 (1/2) months


7 1/2 months
You're growing up so fast.
Even though the night you were born will go down in history
as one of the best days of my life, it's getting a little hazy.
Sometimes, like in the morning when we lay in bed and you nurse
while staring at me with very sleepy eyes, you seem very much like
a baby still.
Other times, like when you're playing with a new toy and go on to
babble all of the new words you just made up this week, you seem
like you're a little boy.
Either way, I can't get enough of you!
You love to cuddle and kiss and hug. You always get a really big smile
on your face when you see Daddy walk in from work. You laugh and get
excited when I pick you up from a nap. Speaking of those-you
still aren't the best napper and sometimes make me a little crazy
with that but you've been sleeping so much better at night that we're
happy. You laugh at your toys and sing with me in the car. Suddenly
you don't like food too much but I've learned to have cat like reflexes
when it comes to feeding time! You always have your hands all over
everything and want to grab and feel everything you can when we go
grocery shopping. Oh, and you always smile at the clerks when they
talk to you and it makes me real proud! You are perfectly healthy, in every
way and I'm so very thankful. Sometimes you show your preference for me
over your Dad, and secretly I love it!
You're just my favorite little person and I love taking care of you.
Thank you to being you and happy 7 (1/2) months, I love you!

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