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1st mom's day


mother's day 2010mother's day 2010mother's day 2010mother's day 2010
What a wonderful 1st Mother's Day I had yesterday.
Have I mentioned that I have the BEST husband? He
reminds me all the time of why I fell in love with him,
why I married him and why I have a son with him. Over
the years he has only become more the man of my dreams
than the day we took our vows.
He surprised me with pretending to go to work but instead
buying scones, deep purple
tulips, a "Happy Mom's Day" banner that he made and a
handwritten card he made from Israel's scribbles.
Yes, I cried, pretty much instantly!
I love how cheery the tulips make the living room. Makes
me wonder why I don't buy flowers more often?

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