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the us or them war


Just so happens that where we live, they grow big, and plentiful.
I can see several sleeping on a bush outside the office window.
I just got the chills! I feel itchy just writing this! Anyways,
I went to retrieve my cb2 package from the patio, and opening
the front door ever so slowly, there he was. Just one of many who
dared to creep much too close to the interior of my house.
Being the wimp that I am, yet not being able to stomach the thought
of allowing 1 more arachnid to live, I went for some household spray.
Too bad I grabbed my 7th Gen botanically based all purpose spray,
which only made him smell like Lemongrass and Thyme. Now, that the
hairy beast is thoroughly drenched in overpriced surface cleaner, he
proceeds to crawl slowly along the door frame and onto the wall near
me. Ahh! He's coming after me! Why don't I have any toxic cleaners when
I need them? Of course I could have smashed it with a shoe but that would
require that I get close to this intruder and even run the risk of it
pouncing on me-I KNOW this is possible, regardless of what my husband says!
Ah ha, Febreze was waiting for me in the back of the cupboard and I grabbed
my newly found weapon and marched back to the creepy creep. I doused him
with some of that fabric softener-scented spray and slammed the door.
It was the door that ultimately killed him but I'm pretty sure that his
vision was clouded by all that spray.
I won, but it was an ugly and smelly battle.

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