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toy housetoy house
I've been wanting to finish some projects I started while I was
pregnant and today I got one checked off my list. I try to buy
wooden toys for Israel, whenever possible because I'd rather him
sucking on that than some foreign made plastic object. I also try
to sew little grasping objects and rattles for him since I can wash
the fabric and contents. I put this little house pillow together
for him today. He likes to grab it with his hands and feet.
See more of the process here!


  1. gasp - that fabric is adorable! i love it! where did you find it?

  2. oh goodness, the pillow is sooo cute!! (and so is your babe)
    where DID you get that fabric?

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  4. It's a Japanese fabric from Karaku-you can find them on Etsy.

  5. What a darling house pillow!

  6. i envy your talent with your projects!

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