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I'm looking for a clock to go in our office. It's to hang above a white
sideboard on a beige (yuck) wall. Naturally I want to choose something
black but the record clock is my husband's favorite and the crossword
clock is just sort of fun.
What do you think?


  1. downtownenvyMarch 17, 2010

    I love the record, but really you can't go wrong with any of them. That wasn't really helpful was it,LOL? Love your blog.

  2. I like the black option because it'll stand out accordingly amidst your ..beige..wall.

    But if your husband is willing to compromise..I guess, the crossword one is a really chic addition too.

  3. Oh, I vote for the record!

  4. I absolutely love the crossword one! Where can you get that?

  5. The crossword one is whimsical and fun, but hard to read in my opinion.

    I really like the record or the black one.

  6. My favorite is the record clock. I was born in the 70s and it's just nostalgic enough without being kitschy. Too bad it's out of stock!I would def. have ordered this.

  7. design fan-it's in stock at Urban Outfitters

  8. Ooh tough call-I like them would stand out, the crossword prob would too while keeping it fun, the beige is really cute but I don't think it's best considering the wall color. I guess there's no rule saying clocks have to stand out though-so it depends on if you're wanting it to stand out, to be cute or to have a more cool feel...Can't wait to see which you choose though!

  9. all are lovely, but i think the record clock is my fave.

    oh! and the husband and i are going to eat at brick 29 on friday. i'll let you know how we like it :D

  10. i love modcloth & i have somehow always overlooked their furnish & decorate category. its amazing!! they have the sweetest little jewelry stands.

  11. Your dinner guests will spend the entire evening looking for other words in the word-search clock. Social interaction will grind to a halt, and you'll eventually find yourself wondering how you can feel so alone in a crowd. For god's sake, go with one of the others.

  12. I vote for the big black one

  13. Where did you find the black one? i love it....


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