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book of the week-Little Cloud


Book of the WeekBook of the WeekBook of the Week
We have a little collection of Eric Carle books going. My husband
and I have fond memories of reading his books when we were young
but the illustrations are still contemporary enough for today. The
simple images and shapes are great for Israel and I don't mind them
either. Short and sweet, the story of this little cloud is perfect
for your little one too!


  1. eric carle is pretty much one of my favorite people who ever lived. i love ALL of his books. yay you for featuring one!

  2. I love this book! The illustrations are timeless

  3. How adorable - what a cute book!

  4. LOVE Eric Carle books...they totally take me back.

  5. My little guys love his books and they are so beautifully illustrated you almost have to collect them.

  6. this is one of my absolute faves. we have quite the eric carle library as well. if you haven't seen videos of him creating these wonderful books, search for them's really wonderful.

  7. I love this! A good reminder for when we have a little one... ;)

  8. lovely! my son & i read the grouchy lady bug all the time!


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