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21 years


birthday quichebirthday girl
My only sister turns 21 today. I made her this breakfast quiche
and it turned out great! It was inspired by a toasted baquette
sandwich I had years ago and I've never forgotten this combination
of tomato, basil and parmesan.
21 years went by so quickly. I remember going to the hospital to
meet her for the first time. I was such a proud sister, and still
am! Happy birthday hermana!


  1. that looks so delicious!! did you just whip up the recipe yourself or could i possibly find it online?

    happy birthday to your sister :)

  2. yum! good work...i'm jealous. how do you girls do stuff like this? "oh i just remembered this really great ingredient pairing, so i threw it together, and look at its perfection!" haha okay, now i'm just being dramatic. honestly...good job!

  3. That looks amazing!! Nice work!

  4. mmmmmmmmmm.....!! man.. Im jealous.. looks so good right now!!

  5. yum! you are making me so hungry.

  6. aww so sweet, my little sister will be 21 soon too.

  7. your sister is a total cutie!!

    the quiche looks amazing.

  8. happy bday Lindsey! & way to go j...looks delicious..ur such a good sissy!

  9. Aww! There's something so special about sisterhood! I'm so glad you two have one another! She is such a beautiful and sweet girly!
    What a great sis you are to do this for her-makes me miss my sis!

  10. 1) recipe please!
    2) ADORE your sister's hair :)

  11. Oh man that looks SO good!!! I love your sister :) You two are the cutest

  12. So cute! Looks delicious. :)


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