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copper pendantblack & white diningtulip table and chairs
Happy Monday everyone!
I had an exhausting weekend so I feel like today should be Saturday. Hopefully this week turns
out to be more relaxing than I think it will be. I'm ordering a few new furniture pieces as well as a high chair for Israel-it's almost time for solid foods!
I'm wishing my dining room looked as pulled together and inviting as some of these.


  1. i love all of those rooms. Can't wait to see the furniture you pick out (hint, hint ;-)

    we used the Svan high chair for our girlies and loved's really pretty!

  2. oh i lovelovelove that sixt picture! it's fab how the retro table and chairs fit in the room

  3. ohh all of those pictures are so charming!

  4. Awww... these rooms are all so fabulous! In fact, I can't even pick a favorite. Each is so wonderful in their own way!! Such inspiration. Such beauty.

  5. Love all of these, but I especially love the 4th one down. Just gorgeous.


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