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5 months


5 months
5 months, already?! Yes, and he's not slowing down.
Israel loves his little high chair, even though he's not
eating solid foods yet and needs a blanket to help prop
him up. He loves banging almost anything violently against
the tray. What a boy!


  1. so. freaking. precious. :)

  2. oh man, so cute. growing up so fast!


  3. Such a cutie. And I love his name.

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!

    I can't believe you got French macaroons for Valentine's Day. Laduree's are my favorite- if yours were from there I am even more jealous!

    I adore the style of your home.

  4. Wow, Jenn he is getting so big!! He is so adorable!

  5. He is mighty cute and I adore the Miffy books. Just found your blog and it's so fun!


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