3 months & full of wiggles

Our little Israel is growing so fast.
He's 3 months old now & loves to kick & punch-what a boy right?!
I tried taking a couple pictures of him this morning, he'd only smile when I wasn't holding the camera of course.
He also didn't want anything to do with holding still!


Merry almost Christmas

image via Happy Mundane


Christmas came early

My husband & I bought a set of these chairs for Christmas.
The arrived just a couple days ago.
Now we need to work on getting some desks to go with our chairs!


my guy

Here he is, the tiny man who is the center of my universe.
This was back around Thanksgiving, so he was 8 weeks old-he's now almost 12!

Beautifully photographed by our lovely friend, Yan Photography.


white makes it all right

For some reason, all I'm craving is pure white.
I think the lack of color appeals to me because it's universally clean and calm.
What I wouldn't give to pour a bucket of thick, white paint all over my house & start over again!

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