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walks, rocks and a little gown...


This weekend was a quiet one full of walks by the river, a trip to the candy shoppe for some rock candy and this little baby gown I sewed up Sunday afternoon.
I will have to make another since the "newborn" size was really like 3-6 mos!
[you can see the sleeves are still unfinished]

DIY crocheted glass bottle cozy...


You will need to have a basic knowledge of crochet to make these.

you'll need:
a bottle, 1/2 skein cotton yarn and a size .5 or .6 needle

1 You will be making a flat disk that is almost the size of the bottle's base.
2 To make a circle you will need to make a chain of 7 links. Then connect the circle by making a single crochet stitch in the first chain link.
3 The first row will be 2 stitches in each link. The second + row[s] will be alternating between 1 single crochet stitch then 2 single crochet stitches in the second. Repeat until the disk is the size you want.
4 Once your circle is the size of your bottle's base, begin the next rows with only 1 stitch in each.
You will do that over and over until you've reached the height you want for your cozy.
5 Cut the yarn, tie it off and weave the extra back into your cozy.

For those who would like to know the how-to steps, here you go!

Emily's coming!


Last week I ordered sweet little Emily for baby. I can't wait to see her in person!

Happy birthday, mami!

Thanks mom and dad for coming over last night.
We had shrimp alfredo and strawberry shortcakes, at mom's request, and wrapped up the night with some cage bingo!

[I spent only $5 on a plastic tablecloth +napkins, which doubled as banners]

Love you mom!

sun bathing in the nude...


It's been a long, cold Winter for all of us.
Fiona found took some time out of her busy schedule to catch some rays in the dead debris in our backyard.
And yes, she was naked!

my new favorite webshop!


I spent way too much time browsing this shop, Present&Correct. Check it out, there's a lot to love!
They're on Etsy too...

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