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How did I miss this? I was browsing the Martha archives, just to kill time & ran across this. Was it in the 1 Blueprint issue I missed? Either way, I love this loft tour.
My husband and I have dreamt of having a loft, yes just 1 enormous box, for years, and seeing this only encourages!
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I've seen these types of Danish sofas around, but this one from UO is especially inexpensive. That said, I've also been told that their sofas are pretty cheap in quality-not good!
This would fit right in with my living room since I sort of have this mid-century mod feel with vintage furniture pieces.
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vintage find of the week!

I bought this Tuesday, after driving past an antique store Mon night. When I went in the next morning I was surprised to see an old friend who was shoppe sitting for her parents. Giving me a great deal, she only charged me $40!
It's design is very similar to the vintage Saarinen tulip chairs, but all I really know is that it was produced by a company called Burke, out of Texas. There's no date but similar ones were made somewhere around the 1950's.


Yay Ikea...and your new PS collection!

I saw this sneak peek at emmas designblogg and let me tell you...I love this cabinet! I will find a way to get it! I don't know how but it's inevitable. This is too perfect for storing all of my sewing and craft pieces/projects. I'm sure many of you could find great uses for a piece like this when it becomes available Feb 1st!



soft, watercolor prints. So perfect for this Christmas-is-over-along-with-its-ecxessiveness time!

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