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still here


My baby still isn't here yet.
It's really all I'm capable of thinking about at this point, so I'm sorry if you're tired of hearing about my baby blues!
Speaking of baby, his nursery is just about finished, I will try to post some pictures next week-that is if I'm still pregnant!
Have a great weekend!


  1. i've been wondering if your baby's come yet.. hang in there! and that photo of the fawn is so precious!

  2. these are trying days, I feel for you! But you're SO close, hang in there :)

  3. Ahh we aren't tired of hearing about it-we want updates! But I say post pics NOW! haha ya never know if he comes this weekend then we have to wait for weeks until you feel up to posting! You just keep us waiting on one great thing after another! haha

  4. i've just melted at the sight of that fawn


  5. I can't wait to see his little nursery! All of the tidbits have been so fantastic!

    I hope he comes soon....

  6. aw! cant wait to see the nursery...

  7. Aww, how exciting for you!!
    That photo is just adorable.

    Florrie x

  8. My fingers are crossed for a quick and easy delivery! Come on, baby!

  9. aww... I love this pic:) perfect pic for babies.. I love you and hang in there:)


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