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new Ikea


My husband and I are hoping to take a trip to Ikea in the next couple months.
The nearest one to our house is about 5 hrs away to it's a big event!
Last night I spent over an hour looking at the new 2010 catalog.
Here's what's on the to-buy list so far.

coffee table-because our old one seems dangerous for a newborn
sofa-we desperately need a new one!
chair-need one of those too
a pair of bar stools-for the kitchen, hopefully we don't fall off of these!


  1. these are fab. ikea saves us all from having nothing in our homes. have fun!!

  2. Great finds! I love Ikea

  3. I love all those things. I can't remember if you have a crib yet, but we LOVE our gulliver crib from ikea. All their baby & kid things are super and much less ugly than the standard babies r us fare.

  4. love all these pieces! great picks! :)

  5. I too spent hours looking at the new catalog. I'm a big fan of their duvets and sheets so I can't wait to stock up on this years designs.

  6. ikea is stepping up their game! love that green chair!

  7. I love Ikea... did you see the red and white striped couch? I can't stop dreaming of them.

  8. i got that coffee table a couple of month ago and absolutely love it! it is pretty big so it stretches from one end of our couch to the other. really easy to assemble and very unique.

  9. Wow, this is impressive. I'm often dubious about Ikea but this definitely makes me less so.

  10. Hello there,

    that green chair is great. I have one too. Here in Germany, Ikea is everywhere (good!) and I was able to buy this chair.
    It's so comfortable!!!! Good Choice

  11. my boyfriend and i just moved and we went to ikea one night last week since we figured it would be less busy. which it was, but we only had 2 hours there, which is totally not enough! we're going back this weekend and i can't wait! :)


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