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walks, rocks and a little gown...


This weekend was a quiet one full of walks by the river, a trip to the candy shoppe for some rock candy and this little baby gown I sewed up Sunday afternoon.
I will have to make another since the "newborn" size was really like 3-6 mos!
[you can see the sleeves are still unfinished]


  1. What fabric did you use? Is it perchance from near sea naturals?

  2. And of course the little gown is lovely!

  3. karen-it's a cotton/poly jersey

  4. You are so talented my dear friend. And, how I loved rock candy growing up. :) Well, FYI - I'm starting a little project for your little one to come. Can't wait for a month from now, so I can put on the finishing details ;).

  5. Oh that gown is adorable! Did you create the pattern yourself?

  6. sara-no, it's a McCall's pattern

  7. oh rock candy is just de-lish!

  8. Love the gown! I love babies in gowns...I keep mine in them for as long as possible. :)

  9. this is so cute...and the rock candy just made me want to take a trip to the candy store!!

  10. I love how you are nesting and keep making stuff. Please sew up some more of these little gowns and put them in your etsy shop!

  11. Jen you are very talanted, this is very adorable. I wish I had a little one to dress up.. Keep up the great creations you make.
    Love Ya
    Aunt Beth


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