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sun bathing in the nude...


It's been a long, cold Winter for all of us.
Fiona found took some time out of her busy schedule to catch some rays in the dead debris in our backyard.
And yes, she was naked!


  1. I love this little picture! Your pup reminds me of my Char. They are different breed, but the same long body and short legs. Our Charlotte lays the same way, and loves sun bathing in the nude.

  2. Aww! What a sweet little puppy!

  3. oh Jenn... you crack me up. I love how you say she was naked.. I guess she is cause everyone dresses there dogs now:)

  4. aww she's so cute. my dog loves lying on our decking, he likes to lay on his side and chill out.

  5. "Fiona" is the spitting image of our dog "Buffy". Is she all dachshund or part chihuahua(a.k.a. - chi/weenie!)?
    I love the photo, priceless (:


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