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DIY-moss terrarium!


So sorry this is a day late! I just finished the terrarium today so it doesn't looked "settled" yet!

With the excess amount of rain we had been receiving I thought it only appropriate to put all the new sprung moss to use!
Here's how I made my terrarium:

::choose your glass vessel, something with a top or lid
::fill the bottom with sand, less than 1"
::add a layer of Spanish moss
::add your soil, as high as you want your moss
~plant your moss on top [you should be able to either buy a variety or find some in the yard like I did!]

I would also suggest you add some rock[s] for the moss to grow on & maybe even some miniature people of plants for decoration!
I only had this decorative piece of rock that functions as both...

With a lid you should only need to water/mist your terrarium every couple weeks and give it some indirect sunlight.

Good luck!


  1. Wait, wait, wait...

    You MADE this?

    Amazing. So beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial, though I don't think mine would ever look as lovely!

  2. sara-oh thank you! I think it still needs to grow in since it was freshly dug up just yesterday...

  3. I love your terrarium! So cute! I need to go add some things to mine-since it's been mostly uprooted by wee hands! Moss is a very pretty idea!

  4. How fun!!!! I want one too!

  5. I had a dream last night that I made one of these too(after I saw this post). I just need to get the moss. Thanks for sharing.

  6. gorgeous!!!!! i LOVE THIS!!!!!

  7. I am in love with moss terrariums!

  8. SO beautiful! I love this!

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