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I've seen these types of Danish sofas around, but this one from UO is especially inexpensive. That said, I've also been told that their sofas are pretty cheap in quality-not good!
This would fit right in with my living room since I sort of have this mid-century mod feel with vintage furniture pieces.
What are your thoughts?...


  1. it just looks good. My boyfriend and I bought this exact couch. It wobbled and some of the screws didn't fit and it just looks cheap. We returned it and saved up for a real couch.

  2. It looks amazing, and I would be tempted by the price. But I think with a sofa you're safer spending some time looking around for a good quality one. It's a serious investment because most people have them for decades and you sit on it everyday.

  3. My friend just bought one like this, it's not super comfy (as in great for a lazy movie afternoon, but wouldn't want to spend the night sleeping on it), but it's very attractive with her furniture, and has that wear-in-with-time feel. So I guess it's your call.

  4. Hem imho i personally think its a bit hospital waiting roomish. Not too comfy lookin.

  5. pretty. but i've had tough times w/urban stuff, too. i got a lamp once and it was broken when it arrived.

  6. Alright, good feedback. Looks like Urban is too cheap to be worth it!

  7. I know i'm a bit late on this one but i think it's only worth getting if its for a sitting room or office. The UO by my house had the floor model on super clearance sale and i was ssssrsly tempted to buy it. Unfortunately I don't have a low traffic couch area in my teenie apt.

  8. I bought that sofa from UO. While it looked cute the foam and cover became misshaped fast. It was rather small and uncomfortable and unable to meet my lounging needs.


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