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Breakfast bake...!


The other morning my husband requested this little dish, something I had long forgotten. I had made it for him when we were dating & didn't realize it was one of his favorites! It's super easy & super yummy so I thought I'd share!

You'll need::
1 pkg crescent rolls
6 eggs
1/2 cp. shredded cheese [I used sharp cheddar]
1/2 cp. chopped ham or bacon [cooked]
a handful of chopped veggies like tomatoes or I used bell peppers
2 tlbs. cream cheese [I always add cream cheese to eggs!]

Roll out crescent rolls [all together] on floured surface. Try to roll it into a 12"x 8" rectangle.
Once rolled out, cut 1" strips along sides of rectangle [length wise]

Then, in a bowl whisk together eggs, cream cheese, shredded cheese then add the mea & vegetables. Scramble until almost done, leaving the eggs a bit runny. [they will finish cooking when you bake them]

Lay out egg cooked egg mixture down the center of dough. Carefully wrap the center with the strips on either side, alternating each side. Brush a little egg white or butter over the top to make it crispy or shiny.

Bake @ 350 for about 20 mins!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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