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1 year...!


So yesterday my husband & I celebrated 1 year of wedded flew by! In honor of our anniversary I'm taking a little break to celebrate but I wanted to leave you with this.

See you soon!

what $.69 can buy...


My husband & I went to a few thrift shops yesterday in search of some cheap treasure...among my great finds were these milk glass candle holders {look a little like chess pieces?} for only
$.69! Pretty good find I say!!

Phew! No more baking for me!


Yesterday I my younger sister & some of her friends came over to hang out & eat some desserts. I wanted to create an outdoor living room so I decorated the patio with these plastic frames {which were from Target's Mother's Day media} & made these little black flowers {thanks to Wendy for posting that flower tutorial I had been asking about!}.

I also hung some little white flowers above the table & covered the inside of a larger frame with B&W polka-dotted wrapping paper {I couldn't stand the sight of our ugly shed}.

For dessert...I made some no-bake cookies {a favorite of mine}, russian tea cakes, chocolate filled croissants, scones with homemade raspberry jam & cream and served fresh giant strawberries.

Oh, and to continue the B&W theme, I made stands from black glass plate set atop milk glass vases...they were a perfect fit!

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