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I couldn't resist!


I couldn't NOT post this...Feel More Human has quite a variety if really cool dinnerware...& don't even get me started on the drinkware! I especially like the map series {above is an aerial map of New Orleans} but they're all fun & there's plenty more where this came from!

An eco-friendly to-go cup...


A novel idea...I come up with a porcelain & silicone to-go cup. A cup that can be reused but still retains the shape & size up the typical paper & plastic cups! Pretty cool huh?

DIY-grocery tote...


fabric from Ikea...

My husband & I have talked about ways we can help cut down our use of plastics (yuck) & decided the best thing would be to cut down on plastic bags. As a result I made myself several grocery totes that I leave in my trunk & take with me to the store. Here a little D.I.Y. project for you...

1}cut your fabric & lining (mine was 18" x 18")
2} to do a French seam you'll pin the pieces right side out & make a 1/4 in. seam::then you'll turn it inside out, press & make a 1/2 in. seam-to enclose your raw looks the best!
3}I sewed these little darts across the inside corners to give the bag some structure(see the 3rd set of pictures from bottom)
4}finish your raw edges at the top of the bag by sewing a basting stitch 1/4 in. from edge, fold on that line, then fold once more...then stitch
5}To make your straps...I cut long pieces about 5" thick, pressed 1/4 in. on both sides (lengthwise) then folded it on itself, pressed again & stitched 1/4 in. from the finished edge
6}I attached the straps by pinning in place then sewing a "X" pattern, for extra sturdiness

Viola! You have an eco-friendly, reusable grocery tote {or anything tote for that matter} which will help greatly reduce the use of plastic bags!

Now go shopping!!

Great design, brought to you by Marimekko...


by Samu-Jussi Koski
by Mika Piirainen

When it comes down to it, I can't decide which I appreciate more-interior design or fashion design. You live your life in both & sometimes it's hard to separate the two. Marimekko is a fabulous, textile & clothing design company {from Finland} that produces everything from bedding to children's clothes.

The Spring line-which includes 4 versions from 4 different designers is so inspiring! I could look through these product cards for hours!

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