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I want this!!


These wonderful wall panels are from B+N. I saw these a while ago...don't ask me where, a magazine, a photo...and I thought "I want those!" When my husband & I build our dream home {it will be soon} I want to incorporate many different textures, mostly because I'm slightly A.D.D. but also because different elements be it a stone, a cork, a wallpapered wall or finished wood that extends up a wall and onto the ceiling is way more interesting than just plain old painted walls!

B+N is a great designer & manufacturer who provides products for residential, retail & commercial projects. These panels come in a variety of designs & colors. I would definitely recommend that you check out their site!


DIY::How to make a Roman way!


So here is the short cut to making your own Roman shades...
pre-made Roman shades
glue gun & glue sticks
hardware to hang your shades{should already come with the pre-made shades}

1} start with an existing roman blind...I just bought a neutral, inexpensive version from Target...and make sure you have enough fabric to cover the entire shade {leaving an inch allowance around the entire piece} as well as for the velcro piece that goes across the top..
2} use clean, pressed fabric...mine was a cotton blend...and lay your opened blinds on top {remove the decorative strip, you'll cover that later}
3} making sure your fabric is wrinkle free under your shade, wrap the edges of the fabric over the back of the shade...almost like your wrapping a gift. Hot glue the fabric all the way around the edge.
4} do the same for your smaller decorative piece that velcros to the top, making sure to press the edges for a clean line
5} once you finish gluing around all the edges of the shades, fold them like they would be drawn all the way up, and press the edges

In case that seemed overwhelming...
{you're basically wrapping your shades like a gift and hot-gluing the edges}

and...Voila! Your very own custom Roman shades!

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