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Fiona+sock= hours of entertainment!


This sums up what we did today. Sometimes a dog's life can look so appealing...!


  1. hahah wow jennifer! really? what a crazy animal. she is really going at it with that sock.

  2. that second picture if so funny. i love it!

  3. I too have a doxie and I've often thought that it would be quite nice to change places with her. They are such fun loving little dogs. My little Abby send holiday wishes to your little dog.
    Jennifer Lorton

  4. jennifer-yes they are! I bet your Abby is sweet!

  5. Oh, our pups would get along famously!

  6. How adorable! I have a miniture dapple doxie and now that we are "empty nesters" she is truly our baby and rules the roost! She is on the front page of my website looking very regal, indeed. Love your blog!


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