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DIY-grocery tote...


fabric from Ikea...

My husband & I have talked about ways we can help cut down our use of plastics (yuck) & decided the best thing would be to cut down on plastic bags. As a result I made myself several grocery totes that I leave in my trunk & take with me to the store. Here a little D.I.Y. project for you...

1}cut your fabric & lining (mine was 18" x 18")
2} to do a French seam you'll pin the pieces right side out & make a 1/4 in. seam::then you'll turn it inside out, press & make a 1/2 in. seam-to enclose your raw looks the best!
3}I sewed these little darts across the inside corners to give the bag some structure(see the 3rd set of pictures from bottom)
4}finish your raw edges at the top of the bag by sewing a basting stitch 1/4 in. from edge, fold on that line, then fold once more...then stitch
5}To make your straps...I cut long pieces about 5" thick, pressed 1/4 in. on both sides (lengthwise) then folded it on itself, pressed again & stitched 1/4 in. from the finished edge
6}I attached the straps by pinning in place then sewing a "X" pattern, for extra sturdiness

Viola! You have an eco-friendly, reusable grocery tote {or anything tote for that matter} which will help greatly reduce the use of plastic bags!

Now go shopping!!


  1. We love that fabric from IKEA, it's got the perfect fifties look, and then you can get it for almost nothing. wonderful!

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