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I have to share the excitement!...


I, like many I know, am addicted to can't beat their low prices + good, strong design.
Well, I knew they were coming out with their very own version of Go International {I saw a preview in this month's Lucky!} & I had been anxiously awaiting its's HERE!

I'm absolutely thrilled to see how great their private label is-a bit retro with colorblock dresses-modern with satin rompers-and feminine with blousy tops with ruffle accents!

I already bought a few pieces { the orange blouse, blue one shoulder dress & another, a lovely painterly silk top...not pictured} & I think it's safe to say that is is my FAVORITE version by far!

Found these pics @ Target...


  1. I LOVE that long vest. I hope it fits me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. No prob! You'll love it, the quality & fit are pretty impressive!

  3. now i cant wait to go to target. i wish i could have everything!

  4. I know, they're all great!

  5. Love this stuff from Target. I seriously miss that store! If only they would ship up here. Well, soon I'll be back. Thanks for the post!

  6. Bummer they don't have it in Alaska...I would die! I wish you were here!


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